Search Engine Marketing

SEM is a branch of digital marketing, in which marketers attempt to bring the most promising prospects to the website and subsequently try to turn them into customers through the best possible online-user experience. SEM happens in two major ways and that is through paid campaigns (PPC – pay per click) or SEO – search engine optimization. It is basically about using the right keywords either in the paid search or in your site’s content, and about providing relevant results to those who get to your site.



How do we increase our findability so that our web appears in the organic search results on the first page in the search engine results? Let’s first look at some of the terms I just used. Findability is pretty obvious, it is the quality of being easy to find online. Organic search results are the results we don’t have to directly pay for. However, it is almost impossible to appear there without investing any money. The opposite of organic result is the sponsored result. That appears at that very top or beginning of search results as well as on the right side, if we talk about Google. Organic results are the ones in the middle, below the sponsored. And why first page of results? Well, think about it, how many times have you actually gone further than the first result page. Yes, not very often, and the same applies to most people.

So, how do we perform SEM? It is necessary to first undergo the PPC campaign. Many organizations think they can only implement the SEO, “which doesn’t cost anything”. Well, SEO does cost something, even though it isn’t a direct cost. It takes a lot of time, which could otherwise be spent by working. The truth is that you first have to know the best keywords that drag traffic to your site in order to start implementing SEO. That is achieved by PPC campaign. The most widely used tool to carry out paid search is the Google AdWords. There are other tools offered by Yahoo! and MSN. Each click, which leads to our site, is paid for. We can then look at the analytics tool and see, which key words or key phrases were the most successful ones. These can be then skillfully incorporated in site’s content.

Cornish Web Services is a company providing SEM services. They claim to have increased the web traffic by 40% in case of a client, who sells consumer electronics. For another web shop, they managed to increase the amount of sales by 32% in one month and the amount of filled contact forms by 180%.

The Venue Zone used services of Arrow Internet Marketing company and they were more than satisfied. They managed to get 20 sets of the best keyword phrases on page one at Google and some of them even within the top 5 results.


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