Enhancing the flow through the purchasing funnel

In order to transfer your prospects into customers, the unnecessary barriers have to be eliminated. That improves the online experience and most surely raises your conversion rate. However, one has to first understand properly the needs and goals of one’s web users. This can be achieved through usage of personas and other types of research. The seven main steps, which should be taken in order to enhance the conversion, are as follows.

1.Promote online presence – This can be done by a successful e-mail campaign, search engine optimization or utilizing social media. In addition to that, on can use services such as Google Places and try to be present where one’s customers spend time online.

2.Create customer confidence – There are various methods, which can be used to instill customers’ confidence. It is always good to highlight the security system, which is being used. Other third party certifications can only add to the overall sense of security at your site. The contact information as well as all the privacy/security policy information should be easily accessible. Last but not least, actually it should be one of the first things to consider, is the web design, which invokes the first impressions.

3.Enhance product findability – This requires that products are sorted in distinct categories. Wherever we happen to be at the website, we should be able to clearly identify our location, for instance, through breadcrumb navigation. Putting the search box in the same spot throughout the web gives an organized feeling. Searching tool should have a predictive type-ahead option and there should be other options to help refine the search.

These were the three initial steps, dealing mainly with the style of the platform. The other four steps deal with helping the customers decide and get through the check-out. They will be described in a following blog post.

Let’s now look at some examples of these three stages. When it comes to promoting the online presence, I chose a website called socialmediaexaminer.com. It is the world’s largest online social media magazine. It managed to gain popularity mainly through social media and the word of mouth!


An article on breadcrumb navigation presents some of the best examples of this method in practice. To mention a few successful implementers, I picked Apple, Guardian.co.uk or Wufoo.


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