Digital Marketing Ice-cream?

What do digital marketing and ice-cream have in common? Nothing? That’s what I had thought, but then I came to my first digital marketing class and everything changed instantly. Even though I’d only known a little bit about the topic of digital marketing, the following video explained the core concept to me through a simple, yet ingenious metaphor.

     Another highlight of this first class was a short report on an eyewear producing company that decided not to use any traditional media, press in particular. Instead, they based their campaign solely on the “new media“. Burberry, the company I just mentioned, plans to unveil their product lines through YouTube, Facebook, Sina, Weibo, YouKu and Twitter throughout the year of 2012. We have a lot to look forward.

Besides learning about several other interesting examples of an Internet Marketing campaign, we were introduced to the IM theory, categories, objectives etc. Finally, we received a short overview of the basic marketing terms and principles in order to refresh our marketing spirits. Let me go through them shortly.

Segmenting / segment – is a group of people sharing one or more features, which lead them to the same need for a product or service.

Targeting / target market – is a group of people/organizations, for which a company creates and caries on a marketing mix. I found an interesting example of targeting. Even though most of you will initially grin, please, keep in mind that one day, if you’re lucky, you will be old as well. Cell phones for seniors clearly show how peculiar can targeting be.

Positioning – is a process of developing certain perception of the product in the mind a customer.

Consumer behavior – it is all the issues related to consumer purchase decisions. This category deals with decision making process. There are various factors, which affect consumer behavior such as previous experience, interest etc.

Market research – is a process, at the end of which we should be able to make marketing decisions of greater efficiency. It implies mainly gathering and analyzing data. Again, there are factors, which may affect it.

AIDA – is an abbreviation of Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action. It is a model, which describes the stages of customer’s involvement with the message of a product or a service.

PEST and SWOT – are two important models that help us analyze the internal and external environments related to our organization. They can be encountered in various business fields, not just in marketing. PEST is usually described as an abbreviation of Political, Environmental, Sociological and Technological aspects, which are mostly external to an organization. SWOT or Strengths, Weaknesses (internal) and Opportunities, Threats (external) can serve us as a tool for developing our marketing mix.

4P’s/7P’s – in other words Marketing Mix, is an abbreviation for Product, Price, Placement and Promotion in the short version. The upgraded version introduces 3 more P’s – People, Process and Physical evidence. Organizations use this model to meet customer’s needs more successfully. Developing new products, pricing them properly, distributing them efficiently and finally promoting them are all the basic elements of the Marketing Mix. The additional three P’s have been added, because, in the western world, marketing  has developed into a very customer oriented form.

At the end of the first class, we were advised on how to set up our own blogs. Blogging has taken an exceptionally important role in the internet marketing evolution, as it allows the corporate bloggers to keep their customers updated with the latest news as well as it allows the customers to provide a feedback and hence to take part in a two-way communication. Following tag will lead you to a list of the 10 most successful corporate blogs.

Wow, digital marketing’s exciting ;D


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